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It all starts with human connection

The House of Web3 is especially for web3 pioneers and those who contribute knowledge, education, and code to the community at large. Through the tools and platform of decentralization, the House of Web3 inspires and designs solutions for the challenges we collectively face.

Events & Inspiration

Through interactive panels, workshops, and curated events, this handpicked collective loves to teach and to learn. We bring together influential creators of web3 including the builders, researchers, inventors, and partners who are literally writing the code of the future into the fabric of humanity.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

July 2410 AM

We 💜 SF

July 2412 PM

Crypto Compass: Navigating the Do's and Don'ts of Digital Asset Valuation - Lunch & Fireside Chat

July 3112 PM2 PM

OnePieceCon AUG2024 - AI & SocialFi

August 231 PM6 PM
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Disclaimer: Do your own research on event sponsors and speakers. Edge & Node Ventures, Inc. does not endorse any product, service or activity of any sponsor or speaker, nor any views or opinions they express.

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Not quite a coworking space nor an office, we are a private space based on meritocracy, representing the highest values of decentralization. While we are not an office, by-invitation, you can build and create a web3 project alongside us.

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Social Change

Social change starts and ends with people. We are the co-creators of the future and the House of Web3 is the connection point.

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House of Web3 & the Presidio

With thirteen thousand square feet of lux collaboration grounds, we have a grand boardroom, exclusive meeting rooms, an event corridor, and a sunny outdoor terrace.

The walls are steeped in inspiring art and the views look out onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Edge & Node Presidio was once housing soldiers fighting for the values and beliefs they felt connected to.

And today the citizen creators of web3 are working on solving the challenges we collectively face, building upon the historical context of the space.

Let’s solve the world’s biggest challenges - Edge & Node - House of Web3

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